DRAUCKER Makes Sibling Rivalry Rock with Debut EP

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - The Savannah, Georgia-based rock group DRAUCKER has released their national debut EP, Good To Talk To (SweetBred Records). For the past few years, the group has been winning over a dedicated fanbase throughout the south with an aggressive concert schedule and opening spots for Drivin' N Cryin', American Idol's Cade Foehner and more Siblings Nick Draucker (lead guitar/vocals), Sarah Draucker (lead vocals) and Chris Draucker (guitar/vocals) grew up in a musical household. With deep roots in Christian rock and contemporary music, the trio started performing as teens. In 2017, Chris took a worship leader position and Nick and Sarah followed him. The siblings quickly came to know two other members of the team - Joseph Pilz (bass) and Tyler Weibel (drums/percussion) - and soon after, the aptly named DRAUCKER began making a name for themselves throughout the south and beyond.... Link to article

DRAUCKER's rock and roll family bond 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - Savannah rock band DRAUCKER is comprised of three siblings and two friends, and they've been making quite the name for themselves over the past several years playing around town. Years of honing their craft with cover songs and originals has led them to Good to Talk To, their first EP of original material. On the EP, siblings Sarah, Nick, and Chris Draucker-alongside bandmates Joseph Pilz and Tyler Weibel-focus on big hooks and infectious guitar riffs, and songs centered around Sarah's unique and powerful voice....Link to article


DRAUCKER Brings Real Rock Back To The Music Industry With "Good To Talk To"

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - ... "Good To Talk To" is a superb song, the opening track on the brand new album of the same name, and a fine introduction to DRAUCKER if you're new to their music."Good To Talk To" takes its time to kick in, showcasing from the offset an artist with a clear awareness of the value of effective structuring and artistic intention. Following this, the high energy hits with skill and emotion intertwined, the vocal delivery follows a similarly complex yet captivating pathway, poetry and personal reflection meet to compelling results. A great track to get you up and moving around, "Good To Talk To" brings a sense of reflective weight and poetic scene setting.  Link to entire article


Major Bobby May

Rincon, Georgia

"One of the most prolific guitarists of the last 2 generations. You have to go way back to find his equal and he's only 19. Nick Draucker is fearless. Like Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen, and Prince, Nick is an innovator. His play and his passion for play is plugged into this kids soul and you know it is because it cuts into your bones and into the marrow. A purest, the likes of which, rarely exist in performers today.  If you haven't heard Draucker yet, then you are leading a pretty boring life. Chris is the professor, Joe is the rock, Sarah is a goddess, and TylerWeibel is a surgeon on the drums, cut from John Bonham himself.."

Rachel Weller

Greensboro, North Carolina

"Heard DRAUCKER at the Market and they were a refreshing surprise! The guitarists absolutely killed it, their gorgeous lead vocalist had amazing pitch and the drummer was outstanding. One of the best live bands I've ever heard with some uniquely talented young performers!"

Robby Jay 

Atlanta, Georgia

"If you EVER have the opportunity to see or book this band, the answer is YES!!! Truly, they are great. Two thumbs up & 5 stars.."

Adrienne Story Lawhorne

Wilmington Island, Georgia

"I saw DRAUCKER at Molly Mcguire's. Nick totally shredded on the guitar... but the band on the whole was phenomenal!"

John Banks

John Banks Guitar/Sapphire Bullets

"DRAUCKER:  A great band, great songs, great playing, burning guitar solos, excellent production, hit tunes, radio ready and WORLD CLASS!"

Whitney Curtis

from Winchester, Kentucky

"Stopped by City Market on our first trip to Savannah and they were playing! We changed dinner plans so we could stay and listen! They are AMAZING!"

Ernest DeWitt

The Madhatters Band

"My band was playing a gig. Overheard DRAUCKER playing at the venue next door.  We went over to see this young band and were blown away... They work together perfectly!"

JoAnna Aviles

Pooler, Georgia

"These young ambitious musicians are full of energy, and they really know how to please a crowd!"

Brenda Brooks

Kiefer, Oklahoma

"DRAUCKER is awesome, from the drummer, to the lead vocalist, to the two brothers that slay the guitar...if you get a chance to see them you won't be disappointed!."

Gwendia Johnson 

Statesboro, Georgia 

"Saw DRAUCKER at JJ's. Honestly, not what I expected but A MILLION TIMES BETTER! Every single member of this band is super talented and full of energy!"

Cindy Rooks Welsh

Savannah, Georgia

"Just saw DRAUCKER at North Beach Grill on Tybee Island!! They were fantastic!! I love their original music and mix of classics that everyone can enjoy!!"