I Just Need You To Know

DRAUCKER began many years ago as three siblings, Nick, Sarah and Chris Draucker, grew up in a musical household. With deep roots in christian, contemporary and blues styles, the three break barriers and delve into many different genres, leaving their fans speechless.

Over the past few years, DRAUCKER has added talented musician friends into the mix. In addition to performing locally and regionally, DRAUCKER members continue to lead worship and devote time to their respective churches.

DRAUCKER has hefty goals for the future and they strive to break into the national and international music scene. Their hope is to write and produce excellent music, promoting positivity and goodness in this world. Armed with an eclectic list of covers and a growing repertoire of original songs, DRAUCKER is quickly becoming one of the south's most sought after bands.

Sarah Draucker - Lead Vocals                                                 Chris Draucker - Guitar/Vocals

Nick Draucker - Lead Guitar/Vocals                                        Tyler Weibel - Percussion

Joe Pilz - Bass Guitar